Biosecurity protocols are very important to safeguard animal health, food safety, environment, and the economy. Everyone working with livestock and poultry needs to be properly trained on executing biosecurity procedures, and be reminded of the potential of disease outbreak.

New: University of Missouri 2023 Biosecurity Workshops!

University of Missouri Extension Biosecurity Outreach Team is pleased to collaborate with MO Department of Agriculture and Department of Natural Resources, and USDA APHIS to offer four workshops in Missouri. The workshops will be offered at: Columbia-April 26, Macon-April 28, Mt. Vernon-May 02, and Sedalia-May 04, 2023.

Preregistration is required to ensure enough training materials. Please use the form below to register. No registration fee will be charged but is limited to 5 per farm/company. Lunch and workshop materials will be provided. Additional take home materials will be provided on a USB flash drive per registration.

Workshop registration form can be downloaded here:

  • 2023 Workshop Registration Form
  • Workshop agenda can be viewed here:

  • 2023 Workshop Agenda
  • New: USDA NADPRP Funded Project for 2021-2024!

    University of Missouri Extension has developed a mobile educational trailer for biosecurity and emergency management outreach education. Project includes workshops and webinars to educate and motivate producers to improve biosecurity protocols; and demonstrate practical on-farm mortality composting. The effort expands on successful work developed by MU Extension, MO Department of Agriculture, and Department of Natural Resources, USDA APHIS, and USDA NRCS.

    MU Faculty Collaborating on This Outreach Program

    Teng Lim,

    Corinne Bromfield,

    Raymond Massey,

    Joseph Zulovich,

    Craig Payne,

    Students, visiting scholars, and faculty with research and collaborative interests are encouraged to contact Teng.